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In September 2015, the Lord placed a burden in the heart of Kenny Marr to begin praying about a Church plant in the area where he lived. After months of praying and through an extended fast in January the Lord confirmed that he was to move forward with pursuing a location.  The Lord even gave him a target area, "between Bethel and Ai".  So the pursuit of a building was underway.  On March 23, 2016, as Kenny was headed home from a Revival meeting, he passed a building on Highway 15 just outside of Greensboro. He stopped on the property located at 2470 Lickskillet Road and he, Joe Dell, and two of his children stopped and prayed for God's favor to allow the building to go up for sale.  A building he had been praying about, which had been used as a rental hall for parties and at one time had been a bar.  On April 18, after three weeks of Revival Meetings he was headed home and for the 1st time since he had been in the area there was a "For Sale" sign on the property.  His testimony was, "I didn't let 1/8th inch of a blade of grass grow under my feet, before I turned the vehicle around and went back and got the phone number".  He called and set an appointment with the Owners, Kevin and Dexter Jackson for the next day.  On April 19, he and his wife, Roxanne, Joe, and Amber Dell met with the owners.  His testimony was, "when I met with them, we walked into a dark, dimly lit room.  As I looked around I felt in my heart that the LORD was going to give us favor to get this building. I asked Dexter, how much?  'He replied, $140,000' and before Kenny realized what he had said, he said, 'I'll take it!'"  After prayer with the owners  $1,000.00 earnest money was given, and an agreement to purchase the building by July 5th was signed. The first step of faith was taken to plant a Church in Greene County.  Kenny went and met with a banker and shared the desire to start the process of securing a loan.  The banker replied, "Kenny Marr, I believe if the Lord told you to do this, you will do it". He sent some forms to fill out with Kenny and after weeks of waiting the loan was approved with the stipulation that 10% down would be given.  This led him to the next hurdle.  "LORD, where do we get the money for a down payment?"  After much praying the LORD had a donor give $16,000.00.  This amount was able to pay the down payment, pay 1/2 of the closing cost and pay the 1st six months of property insurance.  Praise His Name!  On June 16 the papers were signed and a new Church plant was underway.  After months of work, which included sheet rock, paint, carpet, and bathroom updates, the building was ready for worship.  On November 27, 2016, the first service was held with 53 in attendance and the presence of the LORD filling that place. As the songwriter said so eloquently, "It's been a long journey, BUT I have been blessed, Walking with Jesus, I have no regrets, The Lord has been good to me, I must confess, It's been a long journey, BUT I'm blessed."

We believe this story can be continued with you involved.  It would be our joy to place you in the storyline of Celebration Baptist Ministries.  We would like to extend an invitation for you to come and Worship with us in one of our exciting, Bible Preaching, Christ-centered worship services.  Our desire is to "Exalt the Savior", "Evangelize the Sinner" and "Equip the Saint".  We meet every Sunday at 10:30 and Thursday Night at 7:00 for a dynamic Worship Service. We look forward to seeing you here.